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Reopening Information

Please see below two video clips explaining how you and your child(ren) should enter our grounds and school from Monday, 22nd June 2020. You will have received a text message telling you which Bubble your child is allocated to. If you have not received a text message, do not attend school; instead email: admin.hattonhill@schools.sefton.gov.uk

Also, please see link to the policies section of our website which contains more information about our return:


Bubble 1,2,3,4(YouTube)
Bubble 5,6,7,8,9(YouTube)

Nursery Welcome (YouTube)
Welcome to Purple Class Mr Quirke(YouTube)
Welcome to Red Class Mrs Farhan(YouTube)

Welcome to Hatton Hill Primary School.

We are working together to achieve the highest of standards through happy learning. Together we strive to create a secure and friendly environment in which everyone feels confident, has a good self image and can reach full potential. We expect our children to demonstrate awareness of community responsibility and good citizenship whilst valuing learning for its own sake.

Please explore our website to gain a flavour of our school. Visits from prospective pupils and parents are warmly welcomed.

If you would like further information about our school, please contact our secretary Miss Taylor on:

Tel: 0151 928 7012 or

Paper copies of any information on our website can be provided to parents or carers free of change.